Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #9

WEW #9
Prompt: It all started when…
I wish I could have told you…
I wish I could have told you about the dog poo on the sidewalk before you stepped in it. But you kept blabbering on and I couldn’t get a word in. So, I’m sorry, but it’s your own fault. Next time – well, there shouldn’t be a next time! But if there is, I’ll be rude and stop you with my bare hands.
I also wished I could have told you that the big pink bow in your hair looked silly. It was too big for your tiny head. And a tiny head is a good thing. So don’t be mad.
And, it didn’t really go with your bright orange dress. But I let that one go.
We’re still best friends, right?

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  1. The juxtaposition of the speaker to what is spoken is hilarious; I barely had time to get that out