Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #9

Welcome to WEW #9 - sounds like a song title! This week I have two sentences for you to use. You can use one or both, whichever works for your exercise. Have fun! Angela

Prompt: It all started when...
I wish I could have told you...


  1. Hi Angela, I was being domestic this evening making strawberry tarts when I decided to give todays exercise a spin during the bake time. This is what I cooked up. :)

    Shay was floating on the underinflated blue-green air mattress making slow lazy turns round and round, watching the leaves drift down from the old bay tree limbs above. She looked over at Traci floating nearby, chest pressed to her mattress, arms in the water, bright blue eyes looking into the clear cool still water. “I wish I could have told you” Shay sighed“, I so much wanted you know”. Traci, watching a pancake sized green turtle sliding through the water beneath her, said, “I don’t hold it against you Shay, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. We’ve been friends for too long” A soft rustle of breeze moved through the trees, creating hushed chatter in the leaves and rippling the pond softly. “Anyway, I kind of knew already.” Shay turned toward Traci, “What, How?” Traci pausing, playing with the water feeling it wash through her fingers, smiled, “It all started when we first met and I would see your dad picking you up after school a lot more often than your mom. When I saw your mom at your house she seemed, well you know, like a normal mom, only really happy to be around us. I guess what really opened my eyes is when I slept over on your birthday. I passed by your mom and dad’s room and the door was slightly ajar, I peeked in and saw siting on her nightstand, next to her purse, a gun.”

    1. Very interesting - intriguing.
      How'd those tarts come out?! :-)