Thursday, September 10, 2015

Writing Exercise! Based on the Traveling Sketchbook

I must have missed August. I coulda sworn I posted. Guess the heat has zapped my brain!
Anyhoo - our SCBWI CenCal region has a Traveling Sketchbook, well, traveling around to different people who want to participate. You can draw, write, paint, anything in the book. The theme this year is Footloose and Free. I think I took liberty with that and did a Footloose and Fancy Free theme. Close enough. I had so much fun being creative in a few different ways. I did a couple of writings for it and cut and pasted and used markers and glue! Total fun. If you're coming to our Writer's Day on October 17, then you can view everyone's contribution. Everything I saw in the book was incredible. Well worth the peruse...

Prompt words: Loose, foot, free, fancy

Loose, golden hair flows across my sister’s flawless face as we ride our bikes home from swim lessons.

Her bike is the fancy one, decked out with pink ribbons, purple tassels and a sparkly teal flag. Mine is blue. Dark black blue. Nothing to see here. Not even a shiny bell. Figures.

My foot slips off the pedal and jams into the ground. The bike abruptly dumps me over, my ankle still entwined.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,” I howl.

“Oh, no.” She jumps off her bike and gently plucks mine off me and sets it aside.

Pretty pink skin pocked with purple and teal, balloons around my foot.

She takes off my shoe to free the bulbous appendage.

“Thank you,” I tell her, keeping tears sucked deep inside.

She smiles. Golden.

I sit behind her on the back of the banana seat with the pink ribbons, purple tassels and sparkly teal flag while she pedals. I get to ride the fancy bike.

         Now I’m smiling.