Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #10

This is a fun one - but aren't they all?!

WEW #10
Prompt: askance, zipper, granddame, picket, hooey


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    1. I saw a whoops that I could fix, unlike all the oops I can't see. I had fun once again Angela, thanks for the poke

  2. “I can never read these grocery lists, it’s like some alien writes them.” Handing the list over she asks, “Can you make out what the grand dame of culinary hieroglyphics wrote here? Staring at the scrabble rack of letters Miles, pronouncing each syllable slowly says, “Hoo • ey?” Cody, looking askance, “Hooey, hooey, you think that somehow a supermarket sells hooey? My God, you’re a moron!” Grabbing the list back wrinkling her nose and squinting her eyes, she exclaims, “Honey, it says honey”. Miles holding the shopping basket up defensively, peering over the top with a white picket fence smile, mouths, “Honey, I love you.” Cody, puts the list in her bag and gives the zipper a tug, spins away on her toes looking over her shoulder and with a laugh says, “I need to learn why I love you, come-on, let’s get this.”

  3. Thanks, Angela! Right away, my favorite word was askance, because it suggests the most tension.