Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Writing Exercise for August - Think Olympics!

Okay, it just wouldn't be the last day of the month without me posting my monthly something. Maybe I should aim for the first of the month. Ah, no matter, it all works out in whatever way it's supposed to, I guess.
And the words that popped up were so perfect to reflect Olympic sports. I chose one that you may recognize. Feel free to take the words and apply them to your own Olympic or non-Olympic sport! All in good fun.

Words: blinding, twisted, ceremonial, fumbling

With blinding speed, the top gymnast sprinted across the floor into an unparalleled tumbling run. Back flips, round offs, twisted high in the air, she stuck the landing to deafening applause. The Olympic arena erupted. She would win gold for sure. The ceremonial national anthem, country flag, medal and bouquet would surround and embrace her. She would make her parents and her country proud. It felt like the whole world was smiling.

Now was the time to focus on the last tumbling pass. There was no room for fumbling, for disappointment, for heartbreak. She tuned the audience out, never saw the cameras, one breath in and out, then another. In fifteen seconds it would all be over and she was ready. Her place in Olympic history was being written by her. Sticking the landing and hitting her last pose, she made her dreams come true.