Thursday, November 3, 2016

Writing Exercise November - a wee bit late

Well, it's been a couple of months and even though I wanted to post something, it never happened.
In September, I lost my father. It's been a lot to deal with and process and adjust to, as so many know and have been through. I did write a tribute to him and that involved multiple drafts to get it right.
Then I was busy doing a rewrite and finished that.
Now I'm doing Nanowrimo. Just doesn't seem like I'm getting anything posted. I would love to do some book reviews - takes more time and energy. BUT - I am here now and have a writing exercise instead.
I don't usually take all the words and put them in the first sentence. Sometimes that's a fun thing to do, using them all that way. It just worked out this time.

Writing exercise 11/3/16

Words: boot, innocent, mark, orange
An innocent man, chained to four other men, marked by orange clothes and muddy work boots, counted the days silently until the next parole hearing. A tear he hid from the others, dropped heavily to mix with the dirt and rain. No one would ever see that, helping him avoid a beating like the one he was still healing from.
Like his dangerous father always said, life is not fair.