Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #8

WEW #8
Prompt: This exercise is a little different.  Think about the house you lived in when you were seven.  What details do you remember: the rooms, memories, smells, etc.  OR think about a house (condo, apt, etc) in your childhood you really liked and try to pick out specific details/memories that make it stand out to you.

My sister and I stared a room.  We had wood floors with little carpets in front of our beds.  We would lay belly-down on the rugs and slide (swim) under the beds and around the room pretending we were underwater. 
Our basement had the TV in it and I would sit on my dad’s lap and watch The Bugs Bunny Show and The Wonderful World of Disney. 
In the unfinished part of the basement, I drove my pedal-push car around the metal poles with the funny holes in them.  I also drove into many boxes and walls and sisters.  When the basement flooded, I helped bail out the water with my dad.  My bucket was smaller.
In the backyard we had a playhouse and sandbox.  Mud pies were my specialty.  We also had wasps that my sister was allergic to and her eyes would swell up.  There was a swing set too that if you went too high the legs would pull up.  Along the other side of the yard and fence, we had a dog kennel for our Samoyed, Snowball.  When she had puppies I was the only one she’d let in the dog house and be with her and her puppies.
My dad grew rhubarb and made wine and jelly with it until it blew up once.  Mom was so mad.  We used to wash the rhubarb and dip the end in sugar and eat it.  Loved it.  We had beautiful flowers everywhere and when I smell marigolds, I think of that house and time.
We had a garage too that housed Penelope, the beautiful little cream Mercedes.
Our best friends lived across the street.  Before I was in school, I would stay over there during the day and Mrs. Nielson and I would make peanut butter cookies together – my favorite then.  And I would watch Sesame Street.  We all used to play in the street and run around screaming.  We found salamanders, went trick-or-treating, had houses decorated at Christmas (which sometimes felt like a competition – which I think my dad won).  


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    1. I'm so glad you enjoy them! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to add your exercise if you want. I love seeing how different the exercises turn out.

    2. I may incorporate something similar on my blog sometime. I really love this idea.