Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #7

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WEW #7
Prompt: sleepy, wash, space, fry
“The Space Needle looks mighty high,” Bobby said.
“Nonsense,” his nursemaid scowled. “Now don’t get dirty, I don’t want to wash you again today. Twice is enough.”
“Yes’m. Do I get to ride in the escalator?”
“It’s elevator, not escalator. And only if you behave.”
Bobby eyed the other kids scrambling off the school bus. He wished he could be with them instead of Erma. She did everything for him. When he was sleepy, she’d put him to bed, when he was dirty, she’d hose him down and when he was hungry, she fed him the only thing he would eat, French fries.
“Can I have a fry Nanna?” Bobby asked.
“May I? May I?” Erma corrected.
Erma always had some on hand for a snack. Bobby didn’t care if they were cold. Sometimes she’d try to sneak a carrot or put peanut butter on the fries, but Bobby wouldn’t eat them.
Bobby took the fries and chewed.
“Can I, may I have a…”
Erma handed Bobby a drink. She held the straw for him.
“Thank you.” Bobby’s legs wobbled. He sat in slow motion.
Erma turned his wheelchair around and they headed to the park instead.

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