Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #6 + Thursday Result

Today's exercise is slightly different because there are two rounds of words to work and play with.

WEW #6
Prompt: Bellagio, grandfather clock, rug, bigger, rabbit
Mostly, time, slow, egg, memorable

The rabbit, brown and white like a quilt, was named Bellagio. Bella for short.
Bella crouched in front of the grandfather clock and watched the time tick by. It was slow. Like watching water boil. But at least you could put an egg in the water and have something to show for it. And eat. Which reminded Bella she was hungry.
She couldn’t think about that now. She waited on the Persian rug in front of the clock, running her paw over the fibers. Bella couldn’t stop thinking about her father coming home. He’d been gone for so long – mostly on business visiting other warrens. Each time he returned, his present for her would be bigger and better than the last.
But this trip was different. She’d never seen her father so nervous about leaving. She didn’t know why. His expression was memorable because it didn’t look like her father at all.
Bella folder her fuzzy ears down around her chin. Her big eyes begged the clock to go faster and bring her father home.
The handle on the door clicked.


  1. I gather from previous WEWs that I should use all the words on the first line in a piece of writing. What am I supposed to do with the words on the second line?

    Thanks for clarifying!

  2. I should have been more clear - there are just more words to choose from. Use whichever you like! I must not have clarified that in other writing exericses that you just use the words you want.

  3. I couldn't resist Angela

    Walking the cobbled streets of Bellagio I remember the last time when we were here together. The town looks much the same in this brisk March morning air, but my window reflected image has more clearly been molded by time. The eighth tone of the grandfather clock, made more memorable by your smiling laugh, brought us out from the safe warmed cottage that sheltered us. You wanted to find a Faberge egg in one of the shops; I mostly wanted the morning to be ours forever. Fate had other, bigger plans for us that morning, like a rabbit springs from a stealthy magician’s hat; the morning’s magic rug was yanked from beneath my feet.

    1. Richard! That is so great! Everyone is welcome no matter what. I hope you come back and write some more!

    2. Richard -

      That's lovely! I want to

  4. Bellagio

    Rabbit had fallen in love with the egg. That's why he kept it snug in the soft folds of his belly fur, day and night, breathing in and out gently with every tic and toc of the grandfather clock, careful not to wake it up.

    Everything went mostly slow for Rabbit, who barely dared to move his eyeballs, studying the patterns on the rug, surprised that he'd never noticed them before, never found them memorable.

    Until... the egg started getting bigger.

    1. Love it! I can feel it and see it so clearly.

  5. Thank you Angela, for creating and allowing us to share in your blog, I admire your discipline to make it happen. Carol, your treatment is alive for me. I could almost feel rabbit’s breath stirring belly fur, wonderful. Angela you caught so much of a child’s character, priorities and concerns in Bella with just a few sentences.
    For me, writing has always been an isolating experience; it’s wonderful to have an opportunity for creative shares.
    Someday Angela you will have to share how you usher the weekly concept words out to the page.