Monday, May 30, 2016

Writing Exercise - May

Once again, just under the wire - getting something posted in May. I plan to have a couple of book reviews coming up in June.
But today, not only did I finish a rewrite but I did a writing exercise too! Feels good. It might only last a day or two until I get it back from my reader, but I'll take it and savor it.
Here is the exercise again used with the handy dandy random word selector.
I think this came about from two sources: I was watching an episode of Dr. Thorne (set in the British countryside 1855) and remembering Little House on the Prairie. Basically, inspired by Dr. Thorne and influenced by Little House. How? I have no idea.

Words: projection, empire, disrupt, examiner

            The examiner examined the exam.
            “That’s a horrible sentence, Daisy,” Darla said.
            “How about this one then? The projector projected the projection.” Daisy smiled.
            “Ha ha, very NOT funny.” Darla used the eraser on the blackboard. “If you’re not going to take our punishment seriously, I’ll write the sentences.” Darla snatched the chalk from Daisy’s white powdered fingers.
            “Be my guest.” Daisy sat down and pulled a book from her satchel.
            “If you hadn’t disrupted the class, we would be at Catherine’s party right now.”
Darla pouted and Daisy stuck her tongue out at her.
“The Darla Popularity Empire will not fall because you miss one silly party.”
“Daisy! It’s not silly. It’s very important to me. I would think as my sister, you would be my ally and it would be important to you too.” Darla sniffled.
“All right.” Daisy pulled Darla’s ringlet and let it spring back. “Go to your important party and I will finish writing on the board.
Darla turned with sheer glee. "Oh, Daisy, would you? I would be ever in your debt.” She dropped the chalk in Daisy’s palm.
“Yes, yes, now go.” Daisy began to write.
“Don’t forget I owe you one.” Darla was gone.
Daisy grinned slowly. “That’s what I’m counting on dear sister, that’s what I’m counting on.”