Monday, February 22, 2016

Writing Exercises!

I can't even believe how long it's been since I posted anything! Gosh I hope I don't do that again!
Anyway, I was having fun with the random word selector and decided to do a couple of short writing exercises. I had done an exercise a couple of weeks ago but it was dreadful. (Can you tell I'm watching too much Downton Abbey?!) So I have two separate ones to post - to make up for January. I won't even attempt to make up for the last quarter of 2015. 
If the words strike your creative match, then have at it and have fun.

Exercise 1: Word prompt: Boots, chicken, nippy, work

Under my porch sits my boots. They’s for tromping around the farm. Gots me lots of work to do with them chickens. And shoveling all their poo. That’s why my boots sits outside, under my porch. Ma ain’t letting no boots with poo on ‘em in the house. It’s a rule. Not the number one rule, but it’s pretty close. The number one rule will curl your hair if it ain’t already curly.

Exercise 2: Word Prompt: Unadvised, quill, tap

Tap, tap, tap. Mr. Healdsburg’s quill made ink splotches on his parchment. Usually it’s scritching and scratching frantically. But today, it’s just tap, tap, tap. I wrote a note to Henry next to me asking if I should approach the schoolmaster. Henry said it would be unadvised. He overhead his sisters discussing Mr. Healdsburg and his date last night. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. That is our fault? He should not take his love life out on his students. Henry shook his head at me. Drat. Henry’s last note said there is a lot more he has to tell me. Now I have to wait for the end of lessons! Double drat.