Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #8

WEW #8
This exercise is a little different.  Think about the house you lived in when you were seven.  What details do you remember: the rooms, memories, smells, etc.  OR think about a house (condo, apt, etc) in your childhood you really liked and try to pick out specific details/memories that make it stand out to you.

For example: one of the things from the house I wrote about was, I remember our basement flooded and I helped use buckets to bail out the water.  I stood in ankle-deep water in the space under the stairs and it was fun bailing water with my dad.  That led me to remember bailing water out of the boat with my dad.  Not fun in the rain.  The emotional content of both are pretty opposite and can possibly be used in a story somewhere.  Even the color of the walls or what the backyard looks like adds to your story if it means something to the character.  Unearthing those particulars can add richness because specifics make a story real.  And anything you can remember you can use. 
As Pooh always said with his paw to his head, "Think, think.  Think, think."

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  1. Thanks for this week's WEW, Angela!

    It can help me make progress in the story I am drafting. I will revisit the kitchen in the home where I lived when I was nine years old, and jot down notes. Then I will transpose the details to fit the time and place of my story.