Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #30

Hard to believe we're so close to the end of the year again. Sure there are four months left, but with September just around the corner, it's close. Someone told me they saw Christmas decorations in Costco already. Yikes!

Well, let's slow things down a bit, take a breath and transport ourselves to another place where the only thing that exists is whatever pops out of our minds during a writing exercise. All that matters are those characters and what they have to say. It is a nice break in all the craziness that is the world.

Grab your pen, paper, laptop, or foggy window and let's have some fun. 

WEW #30

Prompt: pierce, crooked, shipwreck, breakdown, phlegm, pharynx


    “A crooked pharynx is never a good thing,” Dad said, carving the turkey in front of 20 people.  Luckily, most were relatives, so they already knew Dad’s love of medical trivia.  Since he’d retired from being a surgeon, he’d pierced his ear, bought a red sports car and come close to a breakdown.
    Being his only daughter (pre-med in 10 years) I did the best I could with his shipwrecked life.  I took him to concerts – Coldplay and Chicago.  He actually liked them both.  I let him chaperone my Valentine’s Day dance – it was a long night for both of us.  And I even got him a Facebook page and enrolled him in a guaranteed dating service.  Anything to get a little peace in my life and time for myself.  If he doesn’t find a hobby soon, I’m moving out.  Or kicking him out.
    My boyfriend sat across from me heaping his plate full of mashed potatoes and gravy – compliments of the grocery store.  My best friend was next to me for one more hour before she had to run to two homes for two more dinners.
    A smattering of aunts and uncles and colleagues of Dad’s sat and talked while Dad stared at the turkey.  I hoped to God he wasn’t about to start crying.

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