Friday, August 10, 2012

Summary of the 2012 SCBWI National Conference

So many people and sessions, so little time.  The conference is combination of energy and exhaustion.  It defies how much your brain can actually take in.  Not that it's all retained, but you do hit the saturation point early on in the weekend.  And the fun will continue without you.

The wonderful Lin Oliver is so funny and witty.  She and Steve Mooser make a great team.  For keynote speakers, among the many fabulous ones were Tony DiTerlizzi (hilarious), Bryan Collier (with his passion he could run for office), Gary Schmidt (definitely should run for office), Patricia MacLachlan (someone you want to know and I would love to meet her granddaughters), Ruta Sepetys (totally amazing - seriously) and Arthur Levine (need I say more).  What I loved about the speakers was their humanity and vulnerability. Of course there were many other incredible speakers as well.  If you saw the list, you understand.

There were lots of breakout sessions that I needed to be cloned for in order to attend them all.  But alas, I had to choose.  Not my forte.  The ones I like best have writing information I can take away.  Stuff that will help improve my writing.  Deborah Halverson was excellent and I was happy and lucky to tell her that in person.  The other one that stands out was the Monday intensive with Ellen Hopkins.  Her exercises added depth to my characters immediately.  There is a lot of work ahead of me.  But isn't there always?!

The Hippie Hop dance was so much fun.  Our flash mob was a success.  Lin Oliver and Steve Mooser were very surprised.  And they danced the whole night.  So I can cross flash mob off my bucket list.  I mean, if I had a bucket list then I could cross it off.  There were so many people I saw on Facebook after the conference that were there and I had no idea.  

The official SCBWI conference blog, by the extraordinary Lee Wind, was an awesome resource since I could check out the other sessions I missed and get an idea of what went on.  You can still read it.

AND, the most fabulous news is that not one, but TWO writers from our CenCal region were nominated for the Sue Alexander Award.  I am not one of them.  But if you can guess who they are, you win a... what do you win... a smiley face and our thanks for participating!

I definitely needed more recovery time and in that, processing and writing time to keep the momentum going.  My photos posted here are hopefully in focus.  I have a few more but they're not very good.  It was wonderful to meet new people and to hang with the friends I don't see that often.  I hope to see everyone again soon.

Tina and Yuki in costume. The one of Greg didn't turn out that well.  Maybe someone else will post one!

Our fearless leader Alexis

Me and Yuki

Allison and Me - Hi Roomie!

Greg Trine's awesome The Adventures of Jo Schmo jacket.  A must have!

Rebecca, Christy, Allison

Me and the tremendous Lin Oliver - no I wasn't holding her against her will.

Jill, Cynthia, Robin & me
Robin, me & Eve
Tina and Alexis - aren't they a marvelous pair!


  1. Thanks for this post, Angela! I loved seeing the photos. You've moved me to look at Lee Wind's conference blog posts to mine them for pearls to improve craft. Thanks for the boost.

    1. I'm so glad Caroline! I've missed you for the writing exercises. Hope your WIP is going great!

  2. Hi Angela,

    Thanks so much for sharing hte highlights and the terrific pics! I wish I could have joined you all! Hope to see you soon.

    Barbara B