Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #27

I hope to post from the national conference but we'll see how on top of technical things I am. :-)
This exercise ended up being a nice, short one. And I loved it.  What's great about so many of the exercises is that they can jumpstart an idea into a novel.  Or even just a fun interlude when you need a break from your work in progress.

WEW #27
Prompt: reality, hunting, chance, challenging
Challenging the reality of being hunted, Panda thought to herself, what if I stay up in the tree all day?
That’s stupid, Shanty growled mind to mind.  We can’t take a chance of being caught.
Is not, Panda sulked.  Two women up in a tree – who’d look there?
Shanty cocked her gun and looked down.  They would.
Panda froze and saw the team of hunters below.  Panda and Shanty were wanted not because of their impressive physical abilities, but for what they could achieve with their minds.

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