Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #28

I'm surprised to be posting since I'm still exhausted from the writing conference.  Yet here I am - you can always find the time. :-)
I hope to post on Friday with a summary and photos.  It would be nice to remember more often to take photos!
Here's the writing exercise for this week.  I chose a different period of time and it's really fun to think of language, setting, modes of transportation, accessories.  What might make that specific and identifiable.

WEW #28
Prompt: train, aqua, peapod, seashells
We took the day train out to the cape, Father, Mother, Annie and I.  Oh yes, and Gilbert, my boy cousin.  Why he had to come, I’ll never know.  Mother and Father don’t like me asking questions that may appear rude.  So the questions just sit in my brain, waiting for Annie.  She’s older and doesn’t mind me asking her questions.  Rude or otherwise.
The train was dreadfully crowded.  I felt like I was in a peapod.  A great, big, peapod.  Would that make a pod person?  I’d have to ask Annie later.  We weren’t allowed to sit together since each adult had to sit with each child.  And, as I feared, Gilbert was seated by me and Mother.  Oh, how I wished I was with Annie.
I dreamed about all the luxurious seashells I would see today.  I thought about the aqua water and the deeper blue water farther out.  And the lovely cabanas, red and white striped, and my lovely sunhat and britches.  Well, Mother called it a bathing suit but it felt like I was dressed for the snow.
I was next going to taste in my mind, the many different ice creams waiting for me, when I fell out of my seat.  The train lurched, shuddered.  Trunks fell, windows were crashing.
“Annie!” I screamed and everything went black.

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