Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #19

WEW #19
Prompt: This exercise is about writing one long sentence – adding to your subject continuously by using “who.”  For example: My friend Mary, who thinks she’s prettier even though she’s not, who flaunts her new clothes in front of me, who does have lovely hair even though I wouldn’t tell her that, who must be first in line no matter what it’s for (even for a shot!)… Hopefully it’s clear what I mean.

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  1. In the darkly quiet hours of a typical California morning, a girl was relaxing on her bed, who was she disturbing by clicking her pencil on the edge of the book she was holding, she thought with a sigh, she got up and called out, “who am I disturbing, can anyone hear me” there was no answer so the girl crossed the room to her desk with the pencil in hand, sure she would find a useful word to complete the crossword puzzle in the book she collected from the Goodwill Center, who would be bothered if she hummed a familiar tune which in turn soon disturbed her, so she replaced the sound with a silence to fill the room, the sound had stopped, and she was confused because the room was empty, so she returned to her crossword puzzle and tried to make sense of the challenge, when her thoughts were captured again by something moving her hair, so she turned and saw her kitty, "Who are you to feel so confident as to paw my hair as if bent on some feline desire to make me into someone who I’m not”, she said smiling defiantly.