Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #18

WEW #18
Prompt: Use what words you want or as many as you want – or you can work on alliteration.  You can add your own words as well or pick another letter and do another group of words.  Anything goes!

laughter, loss, love, loot, lazy, languorous, loopy, light, lemon, lost, lump, lips, Lucifer, languish, large, lackey, lit, lamp, luck, lounge
Lucky took a wrong turn and went left instead of right. He languished on this unknown street. There was lots of loot in the store windows. There was laughter at the end of the cobblestone street. He lazily walked towards the sound, hands in pockets. He didn’t want to appear lost or loopy.
Lucky rounded the corner and spied a large group of kids, just like him. He lounged against the side of a stone building, waiting for an invitation.
He tied his untied shoe, flipped a penny in his palm and as luck would find Lucky, a small, shy girl approached him, licked her lips and smiled. Her eyes lit up and so did his. Hers was for the penny, his was for the girl.

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