Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #19

WEW #19
Prompt: This exercise is about writing one long sentence – adding to your subject continuously by using “who.”  For example: My friend Mary, who thinks she’s prettier even though she’s not, who flaunts her new clothes in front of me, who does have lovely hair even though I wouldn’t tell her that, who must be first in line no matter what it’s for (even for a shot!)… Hopefully it’s clear what I mean.
The gospel according to Mathieu – who’s my brother – who thinks he’s the boss of me – who hides behind corners and doorways – who thinks cats and rabbits are stupid and only dogs rule – who can’t manage to eat even one brussels sprout or one broccoli tree when I’ve had to sit at the table until mine are all gone (thank heaven for dogs) – who insists I follow him everywhere as his personal Sherpa – who never knows when to shut up – who painted my room black with a red door when I was at a sleepover – who can’t seem to get more than a C in any subject – thinks that I have to obey him.
And as much as I love my brother – it’s time to rewrite his gospel – according to Mary. That’s ME.

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