Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #21 + Result

My goal is to post a year's worth of exercises and then reevaluate if I'll continue them or not. The stat on blogs is that most don't make it past a year. I'll be a stat either way.

I've got some great writing exercises coming up. Fun in my opinion. But what's fun for one person may be difficult for another. I hope these exercises might change some of that. So let's start!  And I'm posting the result here and now.

WEW #21
Prompt: This is an exercise in description that may add something to your story. Take any specific words from your story or any words just to use as an exercise like I did below. Think of anything you relate to that word. Try opposites. Far fetched. Wherever the word takes you.  It may help to build a scene or convey a feeling or emotion or just describe something in a unique way. Write a few or many.
Toothpaste – clean, white, pasty, gel, smile, foam, bubbly, gag, charming
Lodge – woods, forest, cabins, forest floor, bears, peace
Jump – trip, jump rope, skip, merry, laughing, jolly, high, friends, lost breath
          Provocative – secretive, sultry, siren, dark bar, drinks, inviting

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  1. Spring – bounce, flower, cool, refresh, bong, fresh, leap, launch, breeze
    Lost – confused, missing, forlorn, explore, search, salvage, reclaim, hope
    Taste – preference, sour, sample, desire, enrobe, light, leave, discern
    Shine – glimmer, love, bright, polish, gaze, beauty, smooth, glass, harsh, attract