Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #20

WEW #20

Prompt: Use words that have multiple meanings – can be a name, place, thing.
I used Paris and Amber – names of people, a place and a thing.  Or words that can be used as a noun and a verb like farm, talk, crash and use it both ways.


Paris and Amber were walking down the street in, well, Paris, under the amber of the street lights. They were puzzled about what the smell was.
“I smell sew-ah,” Amber said, breathing through her mouth.
“I smell croissants,” Paris said, using her ability to mimic accents. “Je smell croissants.”
“Hey, that’s pretty good.” Amber cracked her gum. “But I still smell sew-ah.”
“Oui, moi too.”  Paris had always dreamed of being in Paris – she thought it was ironic. Or something like that. And now she was here and all she wanted to do was go home ever since Amber started reciting all their favorite pizza joints in Brooklyn. She was pretty sure it didn’t smell like sewer back home.

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