Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #22 + Result

Ack! Where does the time go! I hope everyone can participate and really let their imagination go with this one.

WEW #22
Prompt: Re-imagining or trying a different POV from any secondary character from any story, movie, play, fairy-tale, anything goes.

Result: Toto and Toby were all excited about catching the balloon ride back to Kansas.  But things didn’t turn out exactly as they planned.
They came to find out that there was a weight restriction in the hot air balloon and unless they left Dorothy behind, they’d have to find another way home.

Toby couldn’t fly without the magic of the Wicked Witch of the West. And Toto knew he’d never be in another flying house.

So while they figured out a quicker way back to Kansas, Toby and Toto started the long walk home.  

And weren’t they all going to be surprised to meet Toby, Toto thought.

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