Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #15

WEW #15
Prompt: Time for some comedy and fun – let it fly!
vapid, synonym, panhandle, piggyback.
“Now, Floor-e-da, is known as a pan-handle,” the tour guide said. “Does everybody know what a pan-handle is?”
All the kids groaned.
“Let’s move on to the al-e-ga-tors. Does everyone know what an al-e-ga-tor is?  It is not a croc-odile.”
“This trip is a croc,” Shelby muttered to Mac.
“You’re telling me.”
Shelby rode piggyback on Mac as they followed the class tour.
“Isn’t crocodile a synonym for alligator?” one kid asked, stifling his laugh.
The tour guide stopped and faced the group. “One might think so but there is a large difference. Does anybody know the difference?”
Nobody spoke.
“On our right here is a Water Vapid,” the guide said.
“You mean a Water Viper?” Shelby asked.
“Excuse me. Yes. A vi-por.”
The class cracked up and continued on the tour.

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