Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #15

Yesterday was a sad day in publishing and kidlit - we are all so lucky to read books by Maurice Sendak.
What better way to celebrate the great author than by creating something.

WEW #15
Prompt: Time for some comedy and fun – let it fly!
vapid, synonym, panhandle, piggyback


  1. These exercises are fun Angela, I never know where it is going until I arrive.

    ”I don’t know Read, it doesn’t look very safe to me”. “Oh, come along Sonji, life doesn’t have to be as vapid as a trip to the Laundromat.” Read grabs Sonji’s hand encouraging on, “Just follow me up over the wing and smooch down behind me in the cockpit like you’re riding me piggyback.” “I better Tweet A'Niyah first and let her know” Sonji sighed.

    After settling in Read went over some of the safety features, buckling the harness, releasing the canopy in an emergency, what to do in a water landing. “Emergency” Sonji interrupted, “You’re not increasing my confidence Read surely you can come up with some synonym that doesn’t convey the reality so convincingly. I’m barely staying inside my skin just sitting here as it is”. “Sorry Sonj, I was just trying to get you comfortable with glider.”

    “Once we release from the tow plane we’ll bank out over the water then turn back toward town and over the Panhandle Cafe and into the coastal hills to try and catch some thermals. Gosh Sonj, I love it when you’re nervous, hugging me so hard. If you are ready to go I’ll radio the plane”. “Ahhh, I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be”, Sonji nuzzled. Read open the radio channel saying, “Alright Trevor, time for some comedy and fun - let it fly!”

    1. That's always the fun part - never knowing what will come out. I wish more people would post since it's so much fun seeing the different versions of the same prompts. Hopefully it's taking place somewhere in the writing universe. :-)