Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #14

I hope y'all are having fun with these. I'd love to hear from you and share your exercise. Write on!
WEW #14
Prompt: cut-offs, habit, imitate, raisin, writhe, idiocy, toast, cardboard


  1. Matt and Sam have been still as stone, knowing that although they couldn’t see them, they were out there. The soldiers were looking for them. All they had quietly eaten during this long cautious wait was shared pieces of raisin toast with a lemon-lime soda.

    Sam was regretting that he had only worn his cut-offs, scant protection for his legs from the growing cold. Matt, as is his habit when in tight circumstances, was whispering plans to get out of our immediate situation. “Maybe we could move slowly away using some fallen twigs and branches to imitate the brush”. Another of his desperate ideas tempered with his special brand of naïve idiocy. We are here, surrounded, and when they find us all we will be able to do is to writhe helplessly as pill bugs turned on their backs.

    Suddenly the hush was shattered, “Sam, Matt”, called their mother, “Your dinner is waiting. It’s getting cold”. “Ok mom,” Sam shouted in response as the boys got up, leaving the security of their cardboard fort to survive another day.

    1. I like the twist at the end - clever and fun.