Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #11

WEW #11
Prompt: Any minute now…
Any minute now something will happen. Any minute now. Okay. Come on. Nothing’s happening. My reflection hasn’t changed one bit. I thought when I turned 13 my breasts would appear. Breasts – such a pretty word. The boys in my class say boobs. And repeatedly point out that I don’t have any. They’ll be sorry one day for teasing me – I’ll have breasts and no braces and my face will clear up and I’ll become the butterfly my mom keeps referring to. And I won’t even look at those boys.
But right now – any time now – I’m waiting for something to happen.


  1. Very cute Angela, the way you captured girlish impatience with earth shattering with events. After reading it, I realized I was glad, from a male point of view, that girls develop, among other things, an acceptance of being mad at us.

    I so enjoy your vignettes, that I had to force myself not to read yours until I had written mine

    Daddy, “Let’s play ‘What lives in trees’.” “Alright”, I answered, quieting Colbie Caillat’s voice with a flic of the volume control. “You go first Lily”. “OK, do snakes live in trees?” she said with a bright smile that lit up the image in the rear view mirror. “Well”, I laughed, “some snakes live in trees, but not all snakes. My turn”. “Do penguins live in trees?” “No daddy”, Lily giggled, “Penguins live at the South Pole, and there aren’t any trees there” “My turn daddy”, Yes it is I thought, treasuring each moment, sensing a tear may fall any minute now.

  2. Nice job, Richard. Cute game and heartfelt.