Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #13

WEW #13
Time to celebrate National Poetry Month with a poem prompt.  Have fun!
Prompt: Poem time – in the voice of any object you like. Similar to WEW #4 - metaphor as a thing - only in poetry. 


  1. Ride of a lifetime

    I sense trepidation growing as the
    people are uncomfortably scrambling aboard
    getting unsettled in.
    The sign above says “Management Not Responsible For Lost Items”
    Suddenly I accelerate faster, faster up higher,
    down left speeding bank, the turns and dips come faster
    Some are laughing, some crying, some praying
    a loop with a twist twists into tight turns, dips,
    swooshing a tunnel, darkening twirls, turns, screams
    raging into angelic light rocketing up returning
    another lofty pinnacle
    to plummet spiraling, falling, falling
    no laughing, some crying, all fearing
    Most want off
    None get off
    I am what I am