Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #12

WEW #12
Since the other one is late then so is this one! But better late than never - again.
Prompt: Make two long sentences with these nouns: book, chair, hedgehog, skates
Verbs: Eviscerate, complain, polish, sing
Wart, the smallest hedgehog, went singing past his brothers and sisters (as they stood open-mouthed like eviscerated fish) on his brand new skates that were polished to shine like the sun.
Knocking over a large stack of books, Wart fell over the chair, tumbling high in the air, landing on his bottom complaining, “Ouch, that hurt.”

Next week will be a poetry exercise. Can't let Poetry Month go by without one. Hope to see you then!

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