Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Result of WEW #13

This is one of my favorite exercises. But with any of the prompts, you can make it whatever you want whether that's a poem or sentence or paragraph or character study or exploring setting. Make it whatever serves you best.

WEW #13
Prompt: Poem time – in the voice of any object you like. Similar to WEW #4 - metaphor as a thing - only in poetry. 
I am formally dressed
88 Tuxedoed keys
Ready for a grand finale
Or perhaps an opening song
Harmony plucked and pressed
Jovial, melancholy,
forceful, quiet
I am not fussy
Fingers cracked in warm up
Or cloaked in peanut
butter & jelly
I don’t like sticking together
But I do like being played
Endure a messy beginner
or a practiced pianist
I long to hear the melody
The beautiful sounds made
To capture my imagination
and my heart
Play on.

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