Thursday, January 17, 2013

Writing Exercise Wednesday #50

I did it again! Last night I thought, I didn't post my exercise today. In my defense, I've been preparing for a writing retreat this weekend, and working, and my kitty hasn't been well this week. Excuses, excuses. 
But I'm here now with a different exercise. The prompts are built around punctuation. How you perceive the information. I took two sentences and changed punctuation so there are four to choose from. Interesting how each one brings different ideas to mind.


No way it's my fault.
No, way. It's my fault.
No way it's your fault.
No, way. It's your fault.

     "No, way. It's my fault." Jack's hands covered his face. "If I had been around more. Paid more attention. Checked on her more often. She wouldn't be dead." Jack looked up. "I'm so sorry Sean."
     Sean put his hand on Jack's shoulder. "Dad, it's okay. I'll get another fish."

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