Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Writing Exercise Wednesday #48

On this fine January 2, 2013 day, why not start off the new year with a writing exercise! Get those creative juices flowing and showing and jump starting your writing fever. Let's go!

WEW #48

Prompt: easel, paradox, revolving, threaten,


She globbed. She stroked. She splattered.
Kareen's paintbrush flew across her easel. Each effort turning more and more aggressive until she stabbed right through her canvas. She fumed at the paradox of her art exercising a calming effect on her yet dying to puncture every color she used.
She figured out the source of her anger.  Abby.
Kareen stared at her un-masterpiece.
She used to take pride in her revolving door relationships. Now she felt threatened with Abby in the picture. Kareen had finally found the one guy for her just as her floozy of a sister showed up. Abby had ruined more of Kareen's relationships than Kareen had. But no way was she going to let it happen again this time.
No. Way.

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