Thursday, November 29, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #44

I can't believe I didn't get the exercise up yesterday!  It's been so busy at work and I've been falling asleep around 8pm. I think this is the first time I've posted a day late.  I can usually get it done that same day.  Anyway...

Here is the second week of poem line prompts.

WEW #44

Prompt: use any of the following lines from amazing poems and poets.

“But dark is a long way,” Dylan Thomas, Poem on His Birthday

“This living hand, now warm and capable,” John Keats, This Living Hand

“And every wave is charmed,” Ralph Waldo Emerson, Terminus


    There was something about the house that didn’t feel right. Everything looked normal; furniture, curtains, yellow kitchen, bedrooms. It was so spotless; it was hard to believe anyone lived there.
    Jonah and Jacqueline had been there before. All they had to do was retrieve a plate of cookies on the kitchen counter. Mrs. Black told them to get it. It was her house. No big deal, right.
    But Jonah and Jacqueline were frozen, looking down the hallway that led to the cookies.
    “You go first.” Jacqueline nudged Jonah.
    Jonah shook his head. “But it’s dark.”
    “Just run.”
    “But dark is a long way,” Jonah whispered.
    “Okay. Let’s hold hands and run together.”
    “Oh-kay.” A quivering Jonah slipped his sweaty hand into hers.
    “On the count of three,” Jacqueline said. “One, two, wait…”
    “Oh, good.”
    “No, do you hear that?”
    “W-what?” Jonah didn’t want ot hear anything.
    “Something’s moving in the kitchen.”
    “But we have to go in there. What if we tell Mrs. Black the cookies were gone?” Jonah asked.
    Jacqueline tightened her grip on Jonah’s hand. “We can do this.”
    Jonah looked at her with wide eyes and gulped.
    The two, stronger together, slipped down the hall as fast as they could. After holding their breath the whole way, they huffed and stopped outside the kitchen door.
    Jacqueline whispered, “One, two, three.”
    They pushed the swinging door.
    “Surprise!” everyone cheered.
    The twins’ jaws dropped; their hearts pounding.
    “Happy birthday, sweethearts,” their mother said, enveloping them in a hug.
    Mrs. Black stood smiling with her hands clasped to her chest.
    Jacqueline and Jonah gawked at their cake. Half was pink with shoes and purses, the other half was green with dinosaurs. “Happy 10th Birthday” it read.
    The twins broke out into grins and hugged each other. “Awesome cake, Mom.”

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