Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #41

Here's a different way to think about what you're writing. Turning things around or on its head or changing the order you put it together might open up insight to your story or character or setting. It can be surprising what presents itself.

Pick a word. Write a sentence with that word. Then write the sentence before your original sentence. Then write the sentence after your original sentence. And then write the 4th sentence. Put them in order.

Result: My word is bug. My original sentence: There was a bug named Ug.

In a forest, under the trees, past the bushes, beside the grass was a landed called Lotsofun.
And in this land, there was a bug named Ug.
Ug wasn’t just any bug, Ug was a ladybug.
But Ug was just one of many ladybugs in his family of 16.

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