Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #42

Who said better late than never?  Well, that's what today has become.  Stop by for a quick exercise today or tomorrow or next week - because it's better that we do it sometime than not at all.  Next week I plan to be on time!

WEW #42

Prompt: arrested, forlornly, lavender, perspiration

    Mariposa assumed she would be asked to the dance.  With her golden curls and baby blues, who could resist?  Apparently, everyone.  How could she attend the spring dance unescorted?  It would be scandalous.  The arena would be set with tree nymphs and wood fairies and little twinkling lights and no Mariposa.  Her lavender dress would stay arrested in her closet, never to see the starry lights, feel the motion and sway of Mariposa’s rehearsed dance steps, never feel the damp perspiration on its fabric.
    Unless.  Unless Mariposa made up her date.  He would be a military man; ready to show the world how good she looked next to his uniform.  Then when he, sadly, forlornly, unexpectedly got reassigned, or better yet, shipped out, showing up at the dance alone, she would be accepted and applauded for her courage and bravery while she was separated from her fella.
    She’d have to find a photo online and use it in case anyone was curious enough to ask about him.
    This could work.  Poo on all those high school boys.  Mariposa was about to get herself a real man.  So to speak.

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