Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #39 + Writer's Day 2012 + Sleep Writing

I probably should do individual posts but might as well put them all together here tied with a nice writing exercise ribbon.

Writer's Day 2012 is happening this Saturday, Oct 27! It's at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks. Always such a fun event, I hope to see all you artist people there.

Sleep Writing - I keep a pen and paper next to my bed since I used to record my dreams. I could never figure them out. But it has been great for lists that need to download from my brain so I can sleep better. Last night, at 1am, my brain was giving me the beginning to one of my stories. So, waking up the cat, I reached for my pad and pen and wrote stuff down. And when it wouldn't stop, I picked up the pen again and continued on until it was done and I could sleep again. That is such a gift when it happens. Deciphering it the next day is always interesting and my pen did short out here and there, but I think the act of writing it down makes it easier to remember once I see the chicken scratch I created in the dark. It's very interesting writing in the dark and if I hadn't had the kitty squished against me, I probably would have gotten up and written everything possible. Now to see if it's any good. Even if it isn't, it might be the jumping off start I needed.

Now on to the writing exercise.  Short and sweet - just what the sleep deprived writer ordered. While not Shakespeare, it'll do. 

WEW #39

Bones, pain, lies, frilly, stupendous

“Bones,” she said, wincing in pain, “your stupendous lies have landed us in hot water again.”
“You’re such a frilly, little girl, Carla. Suck it up. It’s only a sprain. Get up.”
“What a jerk,” Carla mumbled. “At least help me up.”
“Fine,” Bones huffed. “But this doesn’t mean I like you.”
“Same here.”
Bones helped her up and she gently touched her foot to the ground.
“Girls,” Bones said with disgust. “Wait here, I’ll go get my old man’s truck to haul you back.” 

"Great, another lie. You’re not old enough to drive,” Carla said.
“Doesn’t mean I can’t. Be back in a jiff.”
Carla sulked.  “Boys.”

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