Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Successful Workshop!

Yay!  Mary Hershey's workshop on Saturday was wonderful.  All the feedback I've gotten has been so positive and we had a great turn-out too!  I'm so thankful to Alexis, Lynn, Karin, Val and Edie who dove right in and helped set up and tear down.  You are angels and were so helpful.  Just another fantastic thing about our region.  I appreciate everyone who came and participated from near and far, and to Mary, who is an excellent teacher.

I think we all found hours in the day, we didn't know we had, that we can dedicate to our craft.  Inspiration was abundant.  Creativity was floating freely.  And the practical, hands-on exercises were so helpful and valuable.  Below is Mary and me and also the declaration boards everybody made. And I can't get that photo to turn sideways.  Is it just me?!

Thanks again to Mary and to all who enjoyed the workshop.

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