Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #38

Work has been taking up all my time - ack - need to post an exercise! Quick!
This exercise is a bit different in the outcome for me - but isn't that half the fun?! Enjoy.

Forego, plethora, bird, runner

     “Actually, you don’t know anything about anything! What’s my favorite color? What’s my favorite flower or bird?” Charlotte shrieked.
     “Um, I would like to forego the bird part of the question. If that’s okay,” Bert said.
     Charlotte turned her face away.
     “But, I believe, ma’am, that you’re favorite color is red and your favorite flower is a red rose. And I’d hanker a guess that the bird you favor is a cardinal.”
     “Oh, Bert!? Charlotte cried. “You know more about me than my own mama.”
     “I know a plethora of things about you, Charlotte, if you’d just give me a chance to share them with you.” Bert shuffled from one foot to the other.
     Charlotte clasped her face and then Bert’s and gave him the loudest smooch on his cheek.
     Bert stumbled off the front porch, missed his step on the truck runner trying to get in, and almost caught his finger shutting his door.
     Charlotte waved her hanky as Bert drove away. “It is the cardinal,” she said with a sigh. “He doesn’t know it yet but we’re getting married next week.”

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