Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Blurb: TIN STAR by Cecil Castellucci


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TIN STAR, by Cecil Castellucci, is an enjoyable YA space adventure with a Casablanca-like feel to it. Tula Bane is on her way to help establish a colony on the planet Beta Granade, until her spaceship unexpectedly malfunctions. When the ship stops at a remote space station, she is beaten and left for dead. Stuck in a place that no one came to "unless they were lost or in trouble," Tula learns to wheel and deal with the resident aliens to survive. She also dreams of getting off the space station so she can take revenge on Brother Blue, the man who tried to kill her. However, Brother Blue happens to be the powerful leader in charge of Earth's attempts to colonize the galaxy. When three more humans arrive on the station and find themselves stuck, too, things begin to heat up. This is fun, accessible science fiction that will keep readers guessing.

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