Friday, April 25, 2014

Book Blurb: THREATENED by Eliot Schrefer

THREATENED, by Eliot Schrefer, (the follow-up to 2012’s Endangered) describes one boy's struggle to survive in the jungle with an adopted family of chimpanzees.  With his mother and sister dead, Luc is alone on the streets of Franceville, Gabon, in Africa. When Prof shows up, at first all Luc sees is an opportunity to steal a locked case full of valuables.

But Luc is offered a job, and a way out of Franceville, so he agrees to help Prof study chimpanzees. Almost as soon as they enter the jungle, they encounter a family of chimps who are both endearing and aggressive. While Prof prefers to watch and take notes, Luc finds himself drawn into the dynamic of his new neighbors. He learns how to communicate with the "mock men," and finds himself becoming increasingly involved with Drummer, Mango, and the other chimps nesting nearby.

The complex plot and exotic setting provide a nice background for thoughts on preservation of the species.

Book Blurb provided by:
Lynn Becker
Tales From the Rushmore Kid, contributor

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