Thursday, March 27, 2014

LA Writer's Day Recap and Photos!

This past weekend, I spent two days with writers, agents, editors, presenters of all kinds. Lovely people, all of them. There was something for everyone and a take-away from each session. And a lot of laughter. The theme was about connections. Big thanks and a great job done by the LA County Coordinators, Sarah Laurence, Lee Wind and Sally Rogan Jones and all their volunteers.

The very entertaining and true-to-herself, Katherine Applegate (THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN) gave us ten points on being a writer. Write how you write. It may be how some work and not others. Plus she and her husband, Michael Grant, put together a hilarious video. I will not forget it. Connecting with oneself.

Catherine Linka (A GIRL CALLED FEARLESS), book seller extraordinaire, was helpful in deciphering online connections. Goodreads, Edelweiss, etc. Make sure you have a good presentation for kids. Connecting online.

Heidi Fiedler, Editor, taught us about book mapping. Heck, if it's good enough for JK Rowling, it's good enough for us. Connecting the story scene by scene.

Danielle Smith, Agent, showed us how to connect the first sentence and the last sentence and how to make your words count in between. Connecting the story with readers.

Martha Alderson, The Plot Whisperer, and also the sweetest lady,  taught us, well three pages worth of notes! My brain was firing thoughts at me about my new story as she spoke. Awesome. She's not called The Plot Whisperer for nothing. Connecting plots.

And that was just Day 1! The second day was for intensives. And I just wanted to go to them all.

So now for some photos - taken with an iPod so quality isn't completely fabulous.

Martha, Katherine A, Heidi, Catherine L, and Danielle
Heidi and Danielle - so sweet to smile while I rudely interrupted them for a photo

Martha and Agent Jill Corcoran

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