Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #25

WEW #25
Prompt: askance, towel, matchmaker, garbage
Going through other people’s garbage is messy and dirty but so much fun!  My rubber gloves on, face mask in place, hairnet and an old shirt and off I go.  Now, normally I’m looking for hidden treasures since one man’s garbage is another’s gold.  Or something like that.
One evening – you have to do it at night so you aren’t seen – I hit the mother lode.  I looked askance up and down the road and dove in.  I had laid out my treasure towel – that’s what I call it – and placed items of interest on it.  Tupperware – perfectly good – a bunch of nails – couple pieces of wood and then – a ream of paper.  Not just Any paper – but stacks and stacks from the Matchmaker.
Now, I don’t know if these names were discarded because the people were no good – or because the Matchmaker was recycling – which the garbage is not.  But I pulled those coffee grounds, banana peel covered papers out and stared.  Hundreds of names – eligible men from all over New York.
        Harold Appleby would be my first call.  It might possibly be his last.

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