Thursday, July 5, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #23 - on Thursday!

Do blogs take a holiday? I guess they don't have to, but mine did! And it had a lovely time. But now back to business and writing fun. This is one of my favorites. The theme could be opposites - in any way possible.

WEW #23

Prompt: sunny, ugly, skinny, creative, forget, faith (opposite of fear)


    Sunny and creative were not the words anyone would use to describe Eulu.  Ugly and skinny, perhaps.  Eulu was forgetful – so much so, that her mother had to pack every pen, pencil, notebook, snack, hat, mittens or directions she would need.  Yes, she even needed directions to go to school.  And, home again.
    The one thing Eulu had going for her was abundantly clear every Sunday at the noontime service.  Once all the parishioners were seated and the organ started, the clearest, purest songbird voice would soar through every living thing for miles around.  Not a baby would peep, or a man cough or a frog croak in the lazy river.  Eulu sang like an instrument of God.
    On Sundays, she never had to worry about how to get to church.  She never forgot the words.  When she sang, she wasn’t ugly or skinny.  She was Eulu and the only thing Eulu had, was faith.

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