Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #5 + Thursday Result

Welcome to WEW #5 on this Leap Day of 2012.  Let's get to it!

Prompt:  Earthnut, full-blood, igloo, sashay


“To survive in an igloo,” Portia began her book report, “one must be a full-blood earthnut. Which means,” she said staring down the new student Turk Moran (who she called Turk Moron), “blood thick enough to live in the earth. Which is what an igloo is – frozen earth. For more information, please see my bibliography. A bibliography is…”
“Thank you, Portia, we all know what a bibliography is. You may be seated,” Mr. Brown instructed.
Portia closed her fuchsia folder with rainbow and butterfly stickers and sashayed down the aisle back to her desk.
Turk, being the newest kid in Buzz Aldrin Middle School, and being a polite young man from Texas, smiled the biggest, white-toothed grin at Portia.
Portia flounced her ringlets, rolled her eyes and looked away from Turk before he could tip his imaginary hat.


  1. He was a full-blood native of the great north, the land of ice and of the coldest cold, and aptly named Agladiglitiklikikit—the only sound his father could get out through clenched, chattering teeth when the boy was born.

    On that morning in his fifteenth spring, a drip of ice water from the ceiling of his igloo awoke him. Ice melt? But the fire wasn’t even alive, only glowing embers, not even, only the occasional orange gleam lurking under the ashen crust on the mammoth droppings. The air felt different, soft, mushy. The boy crawled out of his covers and out of his igloo, greeted the rising sun with a big, whole-body stretch, then looked all around his world.

    That’s when he first saw it. This other light far away, not white like his world of ice, not blue like everything above, far away where the white melted with the blue, a light like the eyes of sweet little Iglikatakat, who had been born in the fall when the cold was not as sharp.

    So that morning of his fifteenth year, Agladiglitiklikikit said good-bye to his people, pulled the furs tight around his chest, and started walking toward the new light that was the color of his sister’s eyes.

    1. So fun and wonderful Caroline! You have so much story there already!

  2. Thanks for WEW#5, Angela! I love how much attitude and rich detail you packed in your piece.