Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Writing Exercise Wednesday #1 + Thursday Result

Seems like a good day to have a writing exercise pop up!
In this exercise, there are a list of names first and then a list of adjectives. You can use as many of either as you want. Just see what kind of fun sentences flow through your mind and jot them down.  I'll post mine tomorrow in this same post after the prompt.  Feel free to share - and definitely have fun!

Alex, Earl, Rosa, Joanne, Carlotta, Grace

joyful, bitter, inventive, bloodthirsty, wiggly, busy

Here is what I ended up with:

Carlotta was a busy inventor. She never ceased to amaze the town’s folk with her creations. Whenever someone had a problem, they brought it to Carlotta to solve.
One invention was for her bloodthirsty rival – Earl.  She managed to shut him up permanently.  By accident.

If I were to rewrite, I might make the first line: Carlotta was a problem solver.
No genre is attached to this result but it could be anything right now. If you have a specific genre in mind when going into an exercise, you can let your imagination flow in whatever direction you want.  If you have any sentences to share, feel free! 


  1. Angela, welcome to Planet Blog! Wishing you great fun and wonderful connections.

    Mary Hershey

    1. Thank you so much, Mary! Hope to see you soon. :-)

  2. Here's my experience: first I read the names and was instantly strongly drawn to Earl because it has the most attitude. It sounds less common than the other names and one meaning is the aristocratic title, in the same vein as Count or Duke. Then I read the adjectives and liked bloodthirsty best. Next, I thought:

    "Earl wasn't her real name. Her real name was Pearl. Earl was just what they called her, because she was such a tomboy, and this made her furious--bloodthirsty."

    I like the fact that it paints a character with consistent behavior and emotions, and a sassy, female character. I like the Earl/Pearl thing and can't wait to use this idea in a story.

    Not until after I jotted down my words, did I read your words, Angela. It's hilarious that your Earl is also bloodthirsty! I'm convinced that it's no accident, as in no coincidence.

    Thanks, Angela!

    1. That is so great, Caroline! I love it. And it's so much fun to read yours. I hope you'll join in again next week.

  3. Hi Angela!
    I really like your blog design. I missed the Wednesday writing exercise, but I hope to participate next week.

    1. that will be great! I look forward to it. I'll also space my result down the page more so you can still do the exercise if you want.

    2. PS - Lynn Becker did the design! We're still working on making it fit - she did a nice job.

  4. Hi Angela,

    Welcome to the blogosphere! What a great idea. This is just what I need right now--some short, fun writing prompts to keep me writing. Thank you!

    I just did your exercise and my favorite line was this: "Alex was a busy, wiggly-squiggly kind of boy." Hmm...seems to open the doors for all kinds of possibilities, in my mind. Of course, all those years teaching kindergartners comes into play :-).

    1. I'm so glad Terry! It creates a spark - sometimes that's all you need. I can picture Alex!