Saturday, July 1, 2017

Writing Exercise so close to the end of June

I really thought I'd get the post up in June on the 30th. Well, this is the next best thing. 
July 1st - Canada Day!

I wanted to do one sentence with all the words but that didn't work out so I did a short blurb instead.
Take a crack at it yourself, it's fun.

Words: model, dismissal, nervous, doll

The nervous doll modeled the new dress her human brought her. The lace and full, pale pink skirt gave the doll goosebumps. She twirled and smiled, ignoring the dismissal from the other dolls when they turned their backs on her.
Nothing could dim the love that glowed inside the doll.
When the other dolls get their home made frocks, thought the doll, they will understand.
Unfortunately, that was a bit far from the truth.


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  2. Hi Miss Angela, That was my comment that was deleted because I wanted to correct an error....and did not know how to do it. So, here I am again! You did a great job with your blog and using the words. I can see why you love writing and your are GREAT! Here is my idea with the words: The model was nervous that a doll would be used to replace her in the TV commercial. However, the model knew she must persevere and be courageous or she would be looking at dismissal from her agency. She did it and now the doll is dealing with her other doll friends.

    1. Thank you Nanci! I love your writing exercise. Thanks for participating!!