Sunday, July 31, 2016

Writing Exercises!

Here I am, once again, getting a post in just under the wire. My goal to post something every month should be easy, right?! I actually have books I'd love to write reviews for - where does the time go?
Anyway, at least I have a couple of writing exercises to enthrall you with. Hahaha.
Can't even believe it's August tomorrow. I've heard there are Halloween decorations in stores already. Really not ready for that.
So, let's ignore that and focus on having a fun writing experience instead. And they certainly don't have to be good, as you can see. 

Words: High, nonstop, tricky, float

So there once was a river, wide and not so deep. My and my cousins would float on our inner tubes from Wild Bird Point to Summer’s End Bend. We flew at high speed, nonstop, whooping and hollering. There were even a couple of tricky corners that made it all the more fun. That is until Marshall, the oldest boy cousin, rafted right in the man we never saw. The dead man.

Words: Mine, frog, voracious, reminiscent

Jacob and I raced our frogs every Saturday in front of old man Herman’s store. Hundreds of kids came with their frogs. Ouch, Jacob elbowed me. (Such a goody goody. Always-have-to-tell-the-truth Jacob.) Fine, okay, five other kids from school came to race too.
One particular race, a new kid brought a giant frog that made mine look like a ladybug. Okay, a cockroach. Happy? That’s bigger.
Anyway, a voracious race ensued reminiscent of the great frog race of July 4th.
What do you mean that’s not the right way to use voracious? Do you want to tell the story? I thought not.
As I was telling you, a tremendously exciting race took place that even made the newspaper. That part is true.
No one saw it coming, what that kid’s frog did to the rest of ours was just gruesome.

That, Jacob agrees with.

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