Thursday, April 28, 2016

Writing Exercise - April

Just making it under the wire here with a post for April. I am loving the random word maker. It's just so much fun. Well, for me, anyways! Join in, plenty of words to go around.

Words: watery, blush, knife, hands

           Maxwell stood too close. I didn’t have enough room to chop tomatoes. Red, watery seeds spilled onto the cutting board. But it looked too red.

          “You’re bleeding!” Maxwell said.

          “Oh, crap, I am.” I grabbed a white towel and held it against my finger.

          Maxwell took two steps back and fell into a chair. My knight in shining armor. He pointed with a shaky hand.

          “What? The knife?” I asked. He apparently had little motor function left and barely nodded. I washed the blood off the knife to appease him.

          The Home Ec teacher came over. “Max, what’s wrong?”

          Again with the pointing.

          “It’s a little wound,” I said.

          Maxwell shook his head.

          “Let me see.” The teacher took my hand and opened the towel. She gave it back to me and I reapplied pressure. “Not too bad. Why don’t you go see the nurse?”

          “I think a bandage will do,” I said.

          “Not you, Maxwell.”

          Maxwell’s blush rivaled the tomato and my blood.

          “Come on, I’ll take you.” I hoisted him with my non-bleeding hand, dropped him at the nurse with a kiss on the cheek and went back to make a suspiciously red lasagna.

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