Friday, March 20, 2015

Writing Exercise!

I hope to have a book review or two coming up but in the meantime, let's do a quick writing exercise.
This time I picked words from the two open pages of the dictionary. Use one, use all, there are no rules. only writing.

Words: Destination, destructible, detract, detritus

The worst scenario possible. Destructible city – detritus everywhere – homes, cars, buildings, trees. For a destination resort, this was death.

Kieran’s heart was crushed. This was her town, her home, her life. How could she survive now? How could she rebuild? How could anyone?

One step forward and something crunched underfoot. Kieran lightly lifted her leg. Smashed on the ground was her wedding photo. This was the first and probably only time she was glad her husband was dead, so he couldn’t see their dreams crumbled.

Rising dirt and refuse inflamed her nose and lungs and clung to her like a found child. No child of hers. Kieran’s eyes stung and drops fell, half tears, half natural response.

Neighbors walked like zombies in the dust. Kieran’s stomach reeled. She leaned over and vomited.

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